Turkey-EU, headlines of a speech at the regular luncheon of the EU Ambassadors hosted by the Polish Embassy, Ankara12 July 2011


Luncheon of EU Ambassadors hosted by Polish Ambassador, Ankara, 12 July 2011


–         Introduction

Accession Process

Cyprus Issue

New horizons in foreign policy

  • New roles that Turkey aspires to assume
  • Arab spring

Domestic policy

  • Results of the elections
  • Economic performance
  • Constitution
  • Oath taking

Accession process

  • 13 chapters are open
    • Science & Research closed temporarily))
    • Free movement of capital,
    • Company law
    • Intellectual property
    • Information society and media
    • Taxation
    • Statistics
    • Management and Industrial policy
    • Trans-European Networks
    • Protection of consumer and health,
    • Veterinary and phytosanitary issues including food safety
    • Financial Control,
    • Environment,


  • 8 chapters blocked by the Council
    • Free circulation of goods
    • Freedom of Providing Service
    • Financial Services
    • Agriculture and Rural Development
    • Fisheries
    • Transport
    • Customs” Union
    • External Relations

2        5 chapters blocked by France

  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Economic and Monetary Policies
  • Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments
  • Financial and Budgetary Provisions
  • Institutions


–         Greek Cypriots threatened to block 6 chapters

1        Free movement of workers

2        Judiciary and fundamental rights

3        Justice, Freedoms and Security

4        Education and Culture

5        Energy

6        Foreign, Security and Defence Policy


–         The remaining three chapters are

1        Public Procurements

  • awaits the law on competition

2        Competition Policy

  • awaits the amendments in the law on public procurements

3        Social policy and employment;

  • awaits the law on trade unions

4              Screening Reports of  the following 9 chapters awaits Council’s approval

  • Judiciary and Fundamental rights;
  • Justice, Freedoms and Security
  • Free Movement of Workers
  • Fisheries
  • Transport policy
  • Energy
  • Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments
  • External Relations
  • Financial and Budgetary Provisions
  • Foreign, Security and Defence Policy

5        Screening report of 1 chapter is withheld in the Commission.

  •  Foreign Security and Defence Policy


6        EU leverage on Turkey is eroding

  • Absence of incentive
  • Because of the Admission of Greek Cypriot and non-admission of the Turkish Cypriots
  • Because of the attitude of France

7        EU attitude on visa

8        EU attitude on FTA agreements

9        EU attitude on lifting the restrictions

  • EU Council decision of 26 April 2004 reads as follows: “The Turkish Cypriots have expressed their clear desire for a future within the EU. The Council is determined to put an end to the isolation of the Turkish Cypriot Community and facilitate the reunification of Cyprus by encouraging the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community”.

10     EU Attitude on ESDP

  • 1/5 of  NATO soldiers in Bosnia
  • Biggest contributor in Kossovo and contemplates to increase it
  • One of the most productive presence in Afghanistan



–         Cyprus problem

1        A pretext that certain EU countries hide behind

Not the real issue

Geneva on 7 July 2011 meeting provide opportunities

Intensified talks until Oct 2011

Legitimize Greek Cypriots accession in 1June 2012

Constraints for the G/C side

Church – Christostomos 1 May 2011: “We duped the EU by saying that we will solve the Cyprus question when we join”

GC public opinion is opposed

Volley ball match

Other xenophobic attitudes

Unilateral gesture by Turkey (withdrawal of soldiers, Famagusta, Varosha opening of Turkish harbours etc)

Highly unlikely if it is not part of a package

Plan of Action still on the table


–         New horizons in the foreign policy

1        New roles that Turkey aspires to assume

2        Arab spring

–         Domestic policy

1        Results of the elections

2        Establishment of the EU Ministry and appointment of Bağış as Head of the Negotiation team.

3        Economic performance

4         Constitution

5        Oath taking

–         Conclusion

1        Time is ticking in favour of Turkey

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